I am so happy to announce that we are take our production of award winning play write Lizzie Nunnery’s wonderful play Snow Dragons to the lovely Sherman Theatre in Cardiff as part of the National Theatre Connections Programme. We have a super cast and and an enthusiastic director in David Dawson (who got us agonisingly close to performing on the London stage last year with his production of Eclipse) and we have every confidence we will do as well this year. “Its a younger cast, aged 12 – 16, but ideally suited for this adventure of Viking children who spend their free time in the woods and mountains around their sleepy fjord town playing games of Vikings, dragons and war.

When soldiers occupy the town, they watch from their hut in the mountains: their friends and families beaten, silenced, abducted… Let down by the adult world they form The Snow Dragons, ‘the last line of resistance’ carrying out sabotage missions. But this is no game, and true courage requires great sacrifice.

Its a stunning piece of theatre and we are very proud to be selected to take part in the Biggest Youth Theatre Festival in the World!