The Youth Arts Centre’s production of the musical Time Lord was greeted with  laughter and appreciation by a happy audience on Friday as the young cast performed the hilariously funny show at  Kensington Road Douglas. The theatre had been transformed into a time portal for the week where Boudicca, Beethoven and Florence Nightingale joined forces with  the Time Lord and several children from modern times and refugees from 1941 to battle the dreaded  Dinopods, a group of mutated and very cross dinosaurs who had survived the collision with the comet a million or so years ago.

“Every  Summer the Youth Arts Centre puts on a ‘show in a week’ which has been carefully selected to appeal to young people with little or no experience of performing arts and we put them through  five days of rehearsals where they learn lines, songs and dances, build sets, make props and costumes all with the intention of putting on a show for family and friends that will  showcase what they have been doing all week.” said Head of Youth Arts Fiona Helleur. “It is hard work, but also a lot of fun and the young people face the challenge of a blank page with a lot of other children they don’t know on the Monday and and work towards a fantastic show with all their new friends by the Friday.”

“The Youth Arts Centre is fortunate to have a lot of great staff who  work together to make this show and I thank our Dance teacher Susannah Hodgson, make up artist Voirrey Kennaugh, Sound and lighting genius Nick Lodge who, together with Senior members Quentin Lucas, Dominic Buttery, Emma Grant and Mike Cowin  really made the show something special for all the young cast.

I am so excited about our next show, Disney’s Aladdin, that I can’t wait for September when the new term begins!”