The ever popular Summer Sessions are back at the YAC for this summer and raring to go. Four weeks of fun with friends with two full shows in a week, a writing workshop and the very popular Five Days of Dance, with a different dance genre every day are now open for registration.  Young people aged 8 – 14 get a chance to make friends and learn singing, dancing, dressed in costumes and have a great time during the summer at the Youth Arts Centre in Kensington Road, Douglas.

Darwin Rocks, a musical Comedy by Steve Mitford, is a merry romp through evolution from crawling out of the primeval soup to modern rock and roll  is on during 23- 27th July; 5 Days of Dance which includes, ballet, tap, Irish, Contemporary and Musical theatre tales place 31st July – 4th August followed by the Young Writer’s Workshop which gives budding authors the chance to write a short play for the National Association of Youth Theatres to be produced later in the year by the National Youth Theatre is on 6-10th August and finally  another musical comedy by the matchless Craig Hawes, Robin and Sherwood Hoodies is an update of the tale of the historic outlaw and his gang.


All sessions are suitable for aged 8 – 14 and are open from 8.30 – 6.00pm for £135.00 or 10 – 4pm for £100 per week.


To register send your email address to fiona.helleur or 07624 437339 and you will receive a registration form by return.