Rent, the joyful Tony Award winning Broadway musical deals with starving artists living in New York City’s East Village. It focuses on the lives of Mark, a film-maker, who’s girlfriend, Maureen, a drama queen performance-artist-turned-lesbian, leaves him for another woman, attorney Joanne. Mark lives with his roommate Roger, a struggling musician who just wants to write “one great song” before he dies of AIDS. He meets heroin addict Mimi, an S&M dancer who also has AIDS. They fall in love. Mark and Roger’s ex-roommate Tom Collins, a philosopher, who has just returned from M.I.T meets and falls in love with Angel, a Latino street-drummer/drag queen.They also have AIDS. Mark and Roger are continuously hounded by their ex-roommate Benny, who is now their extremely wealthy landlord begging them for the rent. It focuses on a year in their lives, and their struggles of paying the rent, eviction, death, drugs, and living one day at a time. Containing all the wonderful songs that are loved so much including Seasons of Love, No Day But Today, Rent, The Tango Maureen, La Vie Boheme,  One Song Glory and so many more.  It’s  a joyful, tender exploration of young people and their hopes and dreams as their world crumbles around them.  It is uplifting, inspiring and not to be missed.