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Time Lord Summer Holiday Project

For kids 8-12

Cost £100 per week

Imagine what it would be like to travel back in time; to be able to visit any historical figure you liked from any era… Unbelievable?

But this is exactly what happens to Harriet and Sam as they explore a rambling old house that is their new home and discover a hidden cupboard that has been sealed up for over 70 years.
Inside the cupboard they discover an old board game called ‘Time Lord’ which leads them to meet a real Time Lord and go on an incredible journey into the past.

This amazing adventure story is bursting with catchy songs, fascinating characters and a healthy dose of rip-roaring comedy. On their journey the time travellers meet some fantastic historical characters like Florence Nightingale, Beethoven, and Boudicca along with a group of evacuees from the 2nd world war.

However, as in all adventure stories, danger lies ahead. The evacuees had unwittingly unleashed a group of fierce aliens / humanoids / dinosaurs from prehistoric times that are now determined to win back the planet.

Each of the historical figures gives the travellers a magical object that they can use in times of need. Each visitor must use their gift wisely particularly when the Time Lord is captured by the ‘Alien / Humanoid / Dinopod king’ and his mob of comically incompetent followers.

Can the ‘Time Lord’ be rescued or will, once again, the creatures rule the Earth?

A fun, funny and very enjoyable play for 8 – 12 year olds 27 – 31st July £100 per week. The YAC is open from 8.30am – 6.00pm. Packed lunch and snacks essential!