Hip Hop Youth Arts Workshop Day INCLUDING:

Beginner’s Breakin’ (Break Dance) workshop (Swifty Swift)
DJ workshop (DJ Jam Fu)
Graffiti art workshop (Hyro Graff)
Graffiti wall collaboration project
The first ever IOM Kids Breakin’ Competition (under 16’s)
JUDGES: Curtis Zeeman Young, Beanz Leedz, RawGina Roberts

Judges Showcases and other performances
Q&A session with judges and teachers
Open Cipher Session (with prizes!)

Also for more experienced dancers:
Locking workshop with Tomi Yau
Power and Conditioning workshop with Beanz and Gina

WORKSHOPS: £10 each
COMPETITION/SHOW: £5 to watch, FREE for competitors

Sponsored by Middleton-Katz and the Angel Network
Also supported by the fundraising efforts of the IOM bboy community

Then a link to the event page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1665124107052125